Homeschool Social Studies Curriculum – Let’s Build Yours

The Perfect Homeschool Social Studies Curriculum Includes at least two years of history and a half year of government. Some states require a half year of economics, while others insist geography be taught with

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Homeschool Social Studies Curriculum – High School

Are You on a Quest for the Best Homeschool History Curriculum?  Are you trying to start your teen’s high school career on the right path?  If so, you’re not the only one.  Actually, your

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Homeschool Language Arts Curriculum-High School

Focus on Composition and Literature In the high school years a good homeschool language arts curriculum covers literature and composition thoroughly.  Teens have generally covered grammar, spelling and basic composition in middle school.  While

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Homeschool Literature Study Guides – High School

Reading With a Purpose Your teen gains the most from what he reads with homeschool literature study guides. When you provide basic literature guides for books on the college reading list your teen is

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Teaching My Child at Home? That’s a Scary Thought!

What if I fail? Teaching my child at home could be a disaster! That’s what it all boils down to, right?  You could fail.  If you are an ethical person and a loving parent,

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Find Your Homeschooling High School Curriculum

Middle School is Over and Done With Let’s find a homeschooling high school curriculum that’s right for your teen.   Homeschooling programs fall into 4 distinct categories.  We’ll review online programs, Christian curricula, secular curricula

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Math Games for Children

Every Family Room in America Used to have a pile of board games.  Not any more.  Many households don’t have ANY.  The internet and TV has taken their place in Americans’ hearts.  I’m going

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Math U See Reviews

I love Math-U-See Did I use other curricula?  Briefly.  As a secondary math teacher, I had been trained to consider the spiral curriculum to be a good idea.  As a homeschool parent, I came

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What’s the Best Homeschool Art Curriculum

For Your Student this Year? It depends.  What grade is your student entering?  What are his interests?  What will best fit into your homeschool? We’re going to do an overview of all the grade levels,

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Looking for a Secular Homeschooling Curriculum?

Looking for a Secular Homeschooling Curriculum?

They’re Out There, and you’re not the only one looking.  Many people, even devout Christians, seek a secular curriculum for their homeschool.  It’s a popular search.  When I did a Google search for a

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