Unit Studies Homeschool Families Love

Looking for Unit Studies Homeschool Kids Will Be Inspired By? Who isn’t!  You know your homeschooler wants to have fun, but you want him to learn.  Would you be surprised to learn that unit studies

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Best Books for Kids

Reading With a Purpose Why read?  Many people never read a book after high school.  A startling number of college graduates never read another book after college.  They don’t like to read.  They don’t

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Math U See Algebra

Math U See Algebra 1 and Math U See Algebra 2 or Math U See Algebra I and Math U See Algebra II, are the math curricula that go before and after Math U See Geometry. 

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Math U See Geometry

Math U See Geometry There are a lot of geometry programs out there.  You’re determined to make the best choice for your student.  Is Math U See Geometry the right choice for your homeschool? 

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Math U See Reviews

I love Math-U-See Did I use other curricula?  Briefly.  As a secondary math teacher, I had been trained to consider the spiral curriculum to be a good idea.  As a homeschool parent, I came

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