Unit Studies Homeschool Families Love

Looking for Unit Studies Homeschool Kids Will Be Inspired By? Who isn’t!  You know your homeschooler wants to have fun, but you want him to learn.  Would you be surprised to learn that unit studies

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Moving Beyond the Page: Come See if this Works for You!

Literature-Based Curriculum Moving Beyond the Page (MBTP) is a complete secular curriculum utilizing research-based educational strategies to bring the best out in each student.  This curriculum fosters critical thinking and encourages children to develop

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Best Books for Kids

Reading With a Purpose Why read?  Many people never read a book after high school.  A startling number of college graduates never read another book after college.  They don’t like to read.  They don’t

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Math Games for Children

Every Family Room in America Used to have a pile of board games.  Not any more.  Many households don’t have ANY.  The internet and TV has taken their place in Americans’ hearts.  I’m going

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Math U See Algebra

Math U See Algebra 1 and Math U See Algebra 2 or Math U See Algebra I and Math U See Algebra II, are the math curricula that go before and after Math U See Geometry. 

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Math U See Geometry

Math U See Geometry There are a lot of geometry programs out there.  You’re determined to make the best choice for your student.  Is Math U See Geometry the right choice for your homeschool? 

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How to Teach Multiplication

This post is a follow-on to last week’s post about teaching subtraction facts and the previous post about addition.  Please pull out your triangular flash cards and hold a review.  If you’ve read both

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Math U See Reviews

I love Math-U-See Did I use other curricula?  Briefly.  As a secondary math teacher, I had been trained to consider the spiral curriculum to be a good idea.  As a homeschool parent, I came

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What’s the Best Homeschool Art Curriculum

For Your Student this Year? It depends.  What grade is your student entering?  What are his interests?  What will best fit into your homeschool? We’re going to do an overview of all the grade levels,

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middle school homeschool curriculum

middle school homeschool curriculum

Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Much, Much More Middle School Homeschool Curriculum should be the stuff of high adventure.  You’ve laid your kids foundation in elementary school.  They can read, write and

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