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Apologia Chemistry 2nd Edition has a lot of die-hard fans!

When I published my review of Apologia Biology I asked my homeschooling friends to review the product as well. A surprising number of them said that they had little or no experience with Apologia Biology, but they had used Apologia Chemistry 2nd Edition and loved it! They cited excellent results. Some of their children had been able to CLEP out of College Chemistry! They had loved the curriculum. It was user friendly, it facilitated independent study, is was stress-free! Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to review Apologia Chemistry as well.

Something for Everyone

Apologia Chemistry, 2nd Edition is another comprehensive college preparatory course in science. The publisher has worked to make it user friendly for the frugal homeschooling family, the learning disabled student, the busy, overwhelmed homeschooling family, the terrified of having to teach science homeschooling family and the “we love everything science” homeschooling family. It is also perfectly lovely for the homeschooling family that likes to combine topics from time to time, because there are plenty of math tie-ins and a few history connections as well.

Books and Materials

The basic set consists of the student text, answer key and test booklet. This is the most popular choice. What homeshooling families love about this text is that it is very, very easy to understand. Most agree that it is the easier to understand than any other chemistry curriculum on the market. They other reason this curriculum has become a beloved favorite has to do with the lab activities. The lab equipment is easy to acquire and costs about sixty dollars. All the chemicals are common household items families already have or can easily acquire. Both of my children used it. I still have a copy up in our curriculum closet. I consider it an invaluable reference. I often use it when tutoring.

Or a CD-rom Text

If your homeschooler would be comfortable with a paperless version delivered by cd-rom on his computer, then you may choose the CD-rom version of the course. This product includes web page style navigation and extra video explanations which are not in the book. There are actually two CD’s, the interactive CD-ROM textbook for the student and another CD for the parent/teacher with the printable tests and answer keys. Since this material is in an adobe file, I never printed my children’s tests. I emailed them the files, they took their tests and emailed them back! The electronic version is slightly less expensive than the print version, and my family found it to be far, far easier to travel with. You would not believe how fast you make your luggage weight limit when you pack it full of textbooks!

Either of these two products will provide you with a comprehensive college preparatory study of chemistry. Both CD-Rom and hard-cover student texts contain all student material, on-your-own questions and solutions, laboratory exercises, and chapter study guides. They both feature color illustrations.

Apologia Science Curriculum

In general, this is a curriculum which is remarkably affordable, and yet has accommodations for special needs and homeschooling parents who don’t feel prepared to teach biology. In terms of flexibility and value, Apologia Science stands out from all other homeschool science curricula. I struggle to find something critical to say, and I find that the program’s biggest failing is that it’s not as well marketed as some of its competition. Few people realize that because of the modular nature of Apologia’s add-on options, homeschool families can design their own Apologia Curriculum. One of the things I appreciated most is that I was able to use all four of the Apologia Science Curricula I purchased at least twice, then resell them on the second hand market for about half my initial investment. This frugal homeschool mom was very pleased.

Exploring Creation with Chemistry (3rd Edition)

Unfortunately, in 2014 Apologia updated Exploring Creation with Chemistry (2nd Edition) to Exploring Creation with Chemistry (3rd Edition). This latest course has caused quite a bit of consternation. Its first printing was riddled with errors. It’s second printing apparently had some problems too. The third printing simply hasn’t been out long enough to build sufficient trust to overcome the stumbling block created by the first two printings. What’s worse, there are apparently a lot of copies of those first two flawed printings drifting around, full of errors and confusion. The price of the new basic set is around 85 dollars as of this writing. That may be cheap for a science curriculum, but I still consider it a poor value. I am reluctant to post any links for you to buy the third edition from, because I’m afraid I’ll be sending you to a site where they’ll sell you one of those first two printings. I don’t want to be party to that.

The 2nd edition is available at eBay on an intermittent basis. When I searched I found a lot of other Apologia curriculum and one gently used copy of the text, tests and answers for a “buy it now” price of thirty-three dollars. I would consider that a bargain, at least until the third edition has proven itself. You can also find the 2nd edition here at Homeschool Classifieds .com from time to time. One of the better sources appears to be Amazon.

It is my hope that within a year or two I’ll be able to review the 3rd Edition of Exploring Creation with Chemistry in a positive manner. Apologia is an excellent company that has served the homeschool community with excellent curriculum for decades. If you have used the 3rd Edition I hope you will tell us about your experiences in the comment and review section.

Apologia Chemistry 2nd Edition
  • Complete in Scope
  • Cooperative Friendly
  • Supports Multiple Learning Styles
  • Supports Multidisciplinary Approach
  • Value


Apologia Chemistry 2nd Edition is complete in scope. There are no sea changes in Chemistry requiring an update. It is wonderful for cooperatives, but now that the 2nd Edition is no longer available from the publisher it will become increasingly difficult for every student to find a text. This curriculum lends itself very well to a multi-disciplinary approach, with consistent algebra tie-ins and some history as well. This curriculum does support multiple learning styles, but again, as it is no longer available from the publisher the parent/teacher must scrounge for the curriculum elements that best meet the needs of their student. As for value, this curriculum continues to be a great bargain. The supplies and equipment for labs are still less expensive than any other program's and the price for the books and CD-rom on the second hand market is steadily dropping.

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I’ve created an option for reader reviews of Apologia Chemistry down in the comment section. I REALLY, REALLY WANT YOUR REVIEWS if you’ve used Apologia Science before, but if you haven’t, will you please leave the # of stars option alone and simply leave a comment? I answer all questions within about twelve hours, and I love getting reader feedback of all types. Please drop me a line!

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