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Have you ever heard of Gutenberg Books?

Yes?  No?  Well, it doesn’t really matter if you’ve heard of Gutenberg Project books online or not.  I cannot recommend this site highly enough.  When great books’ copyrights expire, the good folks at Project Gutenberg make those books available at no cost to the reader in ebook form.

It was no Ordinary Dog, from The Story of Porcelain by Sara Ware Bassett

The books are available as EPUBs, HTML files, and Kindle downloads.  It’s not just books either!  Famous speeches and important historical documents are available too.

Obviously, if you’re teaching a history class, this is a great resource.   it’s not hard to see the value of this site if you’re teaching literature.  “But wait – there’s more!” (Read that with the manic enthusiasm of a ginsu knife salesman.)  What if you wanted to teach Art History?  Wouldn’t this bookshelf help?  You and your child can find truly great, famous works and expert analysis at Gutenberg books – in minutes.  (When you homeschool folks imagine you have all the time in the world.  You. Do. Not!)

Raphael’s Heliodorus Driven From the Temple (Vatican Palace, Rome)

You can find books on many topics at the Gutenberg Project, but that’s not all.  Project Gutenberg operates almost solely on the dedication and energy of its volunteers.  Volunteering for Project Gutenberg is a great way for your teen to perform highly valued volunteer work, boosting his or her appeal to the colleges and universities.

Don’t want to leave the house today?  Don’t have money to burn?  Let Project Gutenberg come to your rescue.  There’s something for everyone at this wonderful site.

Please drop me a line and tell me about your favorite free book sites, what you want to read about next, and how this site can serve you best.  I always want to hear from you, and I answer all comments in less than 8 hours.

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Nick Hoyt

Wow, that is so cool! I’m a pretty big reader myself, so I’m always on the lookout for something new and good to read. I am definitely going to check out Gutenburg to see what all they have!

What a cool company to provide people with access to such great and FREE material! How did you first come across them?

Mar 04.2017 | 03:16 pm


    Gutenberg Project is a nonprofit organization that has been around for a very long time. It was founded on some of the most optimistic goals of the internet. The idea was to make great ideas available to as many people as possible – for free. When I was younger I used to go there and read all the time – because they had the books I loved. As a homeschooling parent I really appreciated them, because I was able to put books like Tsun Tsu’s Art of War at my children’s fingertips with a few keystrokes. My son LOVED The Art of War. He read it at about middle school age for the first time and he was enthralled! You can find all manner of things at Gutenberg books. Please spread the word, because there is no downside to helping people find there way to great books!

    All the best,

    Mar 04.2017 | 04:09 pm


Actually no, I haven’t heard of Gutenburg Books. I just checked them out and WOW, they have such a large amount of different categories to choose from! What I also like is that they offer Famous speeches, AND historical documents These are all valuable in this day and age, I had no idea all this information would be accessible so easily. However, I can not be more wrong.

This was a great read, keep up the good work 🙂


Mar 04.2017 | 09:55 pm


Today I have learned a new thing from your post! Great info, I have no idea about Gutenberg book, but I found it is quite interesting, will check it out more. Thanks for your sharing!

Mar 05.2017 | 03:12 am

Robert Shields

Good read. Sounds like the Gutenberg Project is trying to save history and make the knowledge available and for free is great. Some much history is lost to time. And also to give young adults a volunteering opportunity too help expand their minds as well is a great thing.

Mar 05.2017 | 06:51 am

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