Looking for Unit Studies Homeschool Kids Will Be Inspired By?

Who isn’t!  You know your homeschooler wants to have fun, but you want him to learn.  Would you be surprised to learn that unit studies are a distinctly homeschool phenomenon?  Consequently, you don’t have to search far and wide for homeschool unit studies.  A google search of unit studies is dominated by homeschool curricula.  You’d have to dig to find unit studies designed for institutional use, because unit studies homeschool parents have shared dominate the web.  The trick is to find the ones that are right for your program.

Free homeschool unit studies are by far the most popular.  After that come lapbook unit studies and state unit studies.  By far the largest providers of homeschool unit studies are homeschool moms just like you.

When I’m not building my own unit studies, I like to use the ones prepared by experts, either in education or the topic I want to focus on.   This is due to my observation that not all unit studies are created equal.  Some are brilliant, but others contain poison pills of error or good old fashioned fluff.  Lets have a look at

Free Homeschool Unit Studies

first, because they’re the most popular.  Would it blow your mind to learn that some of the best unit studies are free?  It’s true.  Surprisingly enough, in terms of creativity, accuracy and educational value, unit studies homeschool parents create are remarkably good.  In most cases these moms are actively trying meet a set of academic requirements, be they state, national, religious or ideological.  Homeschooling parents aren’t the only ones providing free unit studies.  Government agencies and nonprofit organizations provide them as well.  If their agenda is compatible with yours, you win.

How can you lose?  (Right after I answer that question, I’ll be listing a few very nice free unit study sources.)  Basically, you lose if the material is inaccurate, if it’s mostly fluff and busy work, or it’s not developmentally appropriate.  It’s up to you to sort through the resources and choose wisely.  Full disclosure – I always write my own unit studies or acquire them as cohesive full- grade-level sets.   I do this because my goal is to cover the year’s curriculum in the most efficient and pleasant manner possible. Cobbling my curriculum together from disparate unit studies is too stressful for me!  I suggest that when you are looking at unit studies you should do so with your goals, which may very well be different from mine, firmly in mind.  Nowhere is it written that you can’t alter these free plans to suit your own purposes.

Free Homeschool Unit Studies List

Expert-Created Homeschooling Unit Studies

Expert educators created many of the free homeschool unit studies listed above.    Obviously, you don’t always have to pay to get good materials.  That being said, professional educators are marketing more homeschool unit studies than ever before.  Many of these products are exceptional values.  I previously reviewed Moving Beyond the Page.  This excellent literature-based full curriculum  is composed entirely of multidiscipline unit studies.  This makes their online catalog a great place to hunt for high-quality unit studies.

Moving Beyond the Page (MBTP) organizes curricula by age range, then concept (9 week course), and finally unit studies.  This makes it incredibly easy for you to find what you need.  MBTP covers all national and state standards from kindergarten through middle school.   This means they can help you fulfill all your required topics.

***Visit Moving Beyond the Page’s Online Catalog***

Lapbook Unit Studies

Unit studies homeschool moms have developed often feature lapbooks.  Kids and moms alike love lapbook Unit Studies.  Moms love how simple and easy they are to organize.  Kids love the ownership of their own education they experience when they reflect on their finished work.  Many of the free unit studies listed above feature lapbooks, but Knowledge Box Central has the largest collection of professionally assembled lapbook studies I’ve found.  They’re amazing.

Knowledge Box Central distributes unit studies homeschool cooperatives have come to count on.  A cooperative can offer its members lapbook unit studies that save members money and meet goals all homeschool families share. Their collection includes state history and government studies for each individual state, many literature studies and a great deal of social studies.  Knowledge box also caries some health and physiology lapbooks and a great deal of science lapbook studies designed to support Apologia curricula.

With over two hundred and fifty lapbook products, many bundles and a cooperative licensing option, there is a lapbook product at Knowledge Box to suit everyone.  These lapbooks are available for instant download and print, or they can be purchased ready to assemble and shipped to your doorstep.

***Browse the Knowledge Box lapbook Collection***

State Unit Studies

Many families start looking for a unit study for the first time when they are trying to fulfill their state history and government requirement.  Some states actually require this, other homeschooling families simply feel it’s appropriate for their students.  Regardless of your motivation, you will be encouraged to know that state unit studies abound.

As I mentioned before, Knowledge Box Central has a comprehensive collection.  The Ben and Me collection in the list of free unit studies is truly unique and completely current.  At this point I’d like to share a resource with you that I think you’ll truly love – Pinterest.  Pinterest has become an amazing place to find great homeschooling resources.  If you are willing to assemble your own unit study, you can use this highly visual media to put together a great unit study of your own in no time at all.  Have a look at this gorgeous collection.

In Closing, Unit Studies Homeschool Kids Enjoy

are just a click of the mouse away.  I hope you found something here you can use.

I have not listed every unit study source out there, only my favorites.    These are the best I know of.  That’s what I share – the things I personally know and like.  I figure if something’s junk, the less said about it the better.

If you’ve used and loved a unit study in the past, will you please share it down in the comment section?  You can even write your own review and rate your unit study by the star system!

Please drop me a line in the comments.  Tell me what you love, what you hate and what you’d like me to write about next.  I always read comments within eight hours.  I love – love – love hearing from other homeschoolers who are as excited about education as I am.

All the Best,


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This is a new term for me, especially “the unit study”. I used to know only of “home school”. Are there any differences between them or are they the same thing? My third daughter seems categorized as a specific need kid. She is almost 8 year old but she can not read fluently yet. Should I register to a unit study home school?

May 05.2017 | 08:39 am


    There are Many Styles of Homeschool

    Unit studies are just one type of lesson planning format. Unit studies are a super fun way for engaged moms to run an enriched homeschool program.
    It may or may not be your style. There are secular curricula, free curricula, and Christian Curricula.

    I say this not to overwhelm you, but to be honest and offer you choices.

    All the best,


    May 05.2017 | 01:10 pm


Home Schooling, I wish I'd had that type of education

I love the concept and schedules you’ve listed for home school programs. I will forward to my neighbor as they have four kids in home school

May 05.2017 | 02:39 pm


    Thanks for the Encouragement

    I really appreciate your kind words. Unit studies can be a great tool for a homeschool family, whether they use them constantly or just to handle one or two brief topics.

    May 05.2017 | 05:46 pm


Hi Elizabeth,

I have to say, this whole thing is totally new to me. I knew about homeschooling, but I didn’t know anything about its unit studies. And to see that so much is available for free is great.

I really like what you’ve done with Pinterest, it makes everything look clean and organized.
Since most of it is available for free, why do people buy anything for homeschooling?



May 06.2017 | 05:03 am


    Homeschooling is Never Free!


    Homeschooling always costs time, and every family buys some materials. On average, homeschooling families spend about 850 dollars per year, per student. Parents who seek out “free” curricula still must print out the lessons, buy materials and find the books to use.

    Further, free unit studies do not usually come with a “blueprint” for the entire grade level, explaining exactly what requirements are being fulfilled and which are not. A parent who uses exclusively free materials must do many, many hours of research and planning to come up with a comprehensive plan for an entire school year.

    For these reasons parents who can afford to buy at least some curricula and books each year. some more than others. Ironically, buying curricula can usually save a homeschooling family money! It virtually ALWAYS saves time and energy.

    All the best,


    May 06.2017 | 11:36 am


Hi Elizabeth! Curious? I remember your Moving Beyond The Page review and I was wondering how do you use their unit studies?

A friend of mine is considering homeschooling their child, as the public education system in the city is failing. After reading your review, I highlighted the Mathematics offered, but now, I am wondering how unit studies play into home schooling. Are unit studies an accessory or something to be used in conjunction with the curriculum?

I am especially interested in what a lap book is. If unit studies can be used in conjunction with a home school curricula, does that mean they can also be used in conjunction with traditional school? Wondering if it could be used as an added layer or study material.

Thank you for piquing my interest.

May 06.2017 | 05:26 am


    Moving Beyond the Page Unit Studies

    Moving Beyond the Page is a full curriculum composed of Unit Studies. Parents who do not want to use Moving Beyond the Page (MBTP) for their full curriculum might still choose a MBTP Unit Study to fulfill a particular need. An obvious unit study to choose is Health. Health is a topic considered necessary at least once in the elementary years and again in middle school, but it’s not included in all curricula. Using one of the Health unit studies makes perfect sense for some home schools. Similar circumstances exist for state history and government as well as civics and federal government.

    A lap book is a combination between a poster and a file folder. They are particularly popular in elementary and middle school education. The parent/teacher plans the lapbook as a place where the child records his/her discoveries and work about a topic. If you look back over the pictures you’ll see several examples. The lapbook is colorful and includes diagrams, charts and pictures as well as pockets full of completed written work. It is also easily folded up and carried around on a field trip. When the unit is done the child can fold it closed and put it on a shelf. Later she or he can take it out to show it off to relatives and friends, or simply reflect upon in the future.

    Unit Studies do show up in schools, although not to the extent we use them in home education. They can be used as a supplement to institutional education.

    I hope this helps,


    May 06.2017 | 11:17 am


I enjoyed reading through your website. You have selected a wonderful niche. I hope you are able to have a wide reach with this site. I know homeschooling parents are always looking for good resources. You have certainly done your “homework” for your own family and for many others who can benefit from the screening and researching you have done as you sought quality learning packages.
I wish you lots of success. Great website!

May 06.2017 | 06:22 am

online courses

online courses

Hmm it seems like your website ate my first comment (it was extremely long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I wrote and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I as well am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to everything. Do you have an…

May 15.2017 | 11:23 am

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